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Constructed by Paul Guenther to house his silk hosiery manufacturing business, the Guenther Mill was built in phases beginning in 1902 and completed in 1921. The Mill spanned two city blocks, and although only five buildings remain today, their renovations reflect the character of the past. In order to emphasize the antique, majestic, and lofty style of the building, the original windows were replaced to reintroduce light, and the brick pilasters were accented to showcase the industrial palazzo style of architecture. The stone masonry and brick façade has been preserved to feature the corbeled cornices, keystone arches, and other unique details.

By providing a "Live, Work, Play" environment, Guenther Mill begins to serve the community as it had in the early 1900s through the construction of neighborhood retail, industrial arts, offices, and residential units.


A public plaza on King Street (between Oak and Elm Streets) allows a throughway for pedestrians, as well as provides an environment for local community events. Just as Paul Guenther developed the surrounding neighborhood by constructing housing, churches, and community centers for his employees, the revitalization of the Mill 100 years later reconnects it to its neighborhood roots.

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